Resources are available to help guide you through the BMP Retrofit process


BMP Brochures

Single Family Residential Brochure Homeowner's Guide to BMPs

Commercial Brochure Clean Water is Everyone’s Business


BMP Videos

Installing Homeowner BMPs


Maintenance Videos

Sweeping and Pervious Pavement

Driveway Conveyances

Infiltration Systems

Open Systems

Subsurface Infiltration

Bare Soil Protection

Snow Storage

Parking, Dumpsters, Hazmat


BMP Technical Information

BMP Handbook

BMP Maintenance Information


2016 BMP Workshop Presentations and Materials

Introduction to BMPs

Water Restrictions and Turf Buy Back Program

Site Analysis and BMP Design Considerations

Electronic Approval for Small BMP Retrofit

Commercial and Multi-Family Residential Maintenance

Temporary BMPs for Construction

TRPA Coverage Regulations: Paving and Exemptions

Coverage Exemption Information Sheet

Tips for Passing a Final BMP Inspections

BMP Sizing Worksheets

Calc Sheet General Information

Calc Sheet General Instructions

Calculation Worksheet


Materials and Service Providers

Resource list of BMP materials

Resource list of BMP professionals

BMP Installation Guidance

Contractors BMP Manual (en Español)

Home Landscaping Guide



TRPA BMP Real Estate Disclosure Form

Small BMP Retrofit Plans

BMP Retrofit Permit Application

Wood Heater Retrofit Form

Winterization Requirements


Fire Resources

Fire Adapted Communities

The Fire Safe Council

Trees and Defensible Space


Fire Districts

Meeks Bay Fire Protection District

Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District

North Tahoe Fire Protection District

North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District

South Lake Tahoe Fire Department

Lake Valley Fire Protection District