TRPA BMP Handbook



Chapter 4 BMP Toolkit BMP Drawings
4.1 Hydrologic Source Control  
Pervious Pavement Pervious Concrete: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Infiltration Basin Infiltration Basin: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Infiltration Trench Infiltration Trench: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Subsurface Infiltration System Armored Dripline: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Rain Barrel and Cistern Planter Bed Dripline: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Rain Garden Infiltration Facility: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Filter Strip Vegetated Filter Strip: PDFPDF DWGDWG
  Level Spreader: PDFPDF DWGDWG
4.2 Pollutant Source Controls  
Roadway and Parking Lot Pollution Prevention  
Abrasive and Deicer Management Slope Protection: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Street Sweeping Willow Wattle: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Snow Storage Terrace Walls: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Soil Stabilization Timber Retaining Wall PDFPDF DWGDWG
Vegetated Slope Stabilization Stacked Rock Wall: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Terracing Riprap Slope Protections: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Retaining Wall Slope Bottom Bench: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Riprap Serrations: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Slope Shaping Contour Furrow: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Soil Stabilization (Non-Vegetative) Grading for Sheet Flow: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Paving Parking Areas and Roads Rock Armor Elevated Structure: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Bare Soil Protection Parking Barriers: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Deck Armor  
Parking and Vehicle Barriers  
Waste Management and Materials Pollution Prevention  
Dumpster Management  
Hazardous Material Management  
Nursery Facility Management  
Pet Waste Management  
Livestock Facility Management  
Pool and Hot Tub Management  
Vehicle Washing  
4.3 Stormwater Collection and Conveyance  
Culvert Rolled Curb: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Curb and Gutter Curb Break: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Storm Drain Outlet Protection: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Outlet Protection Flow Splitter: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Drain Inlet Slotted Channel Drain: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Flow Splitter Pavement Swale: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Slotted Channel Drain Subsurface Drain: PDFPDF DWGDWG
A/C Swale Rock-Lined Swale: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Subsurface Drain Vegetated Swale: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Rock Lined and Vegetated Swale Check Dam: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Check Dams
4.4 Stormwater Treatment  
Biofiltration and Detention Wet Basin: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Wet Basin Bioswale: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Bioswale Dry Basin: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Dry Basin Catch Basin: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Flow Through Treatment Sediment Trap: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Drop Inlet Insert Sediment Trap 2: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Trash Rack  
Baffled Vault  
Hydrodynamic Separator  
Media Filter  
Sediment Trap  
4.5 Temporary BMPs for Construction  
Site Preparation and Practices Temporary Boundary Construction Fencing: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Construction Planning and Scheduling Dewatering: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Construction Boundary Fencing Chute or Flume: PDFPDF  DWG Unavailable
Dewatering Flexible Downdrain: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Clean Water Diversion Pipe Slope Drain: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Vegetation Protection Water Diversion: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Temporary Sanitation Facility Vegetation Protection: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Dust Control Vehicle Tracking Control: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Vehicle Ingress Egress Management Concrete Washout Station: PDFPDF DWG Unavailable
Winterization Stockpile Management: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Construction Staging Drain Inlet Protection: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Material Handling Storage and Safety Fiber Rolls: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Topsoil Salvage Silt Fence: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Concrete/Bentonite Management Silt Fence Placement: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Stockpile Management Erosion Control Blanket: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Erosion and Sediment Control Anchoring Geo-Textiles in Channels: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Sweeping Fiber Roll Silt Barrier: PDFPDF DWGDWG
Drain Inlet Protection  
Fiber Roll  
Silt Fence  
Erosion Control Blanket System  
Hydromulch, Tackifier, and Soil Binder