BMP Maintenance, Monitoring and Inspection

Owners of developed properties must ensure BMPs remain functional and effective to retain their BMP Certificate and comply with the TRPA Code of Ordinances. Routine maintenance preserves the lifespan of BMPs and minimizes the potential for discharges of stormwater runoff and pollutants to Lake Tahoe.

To verify BMPs have been maintained for a commercial or multi-family parcel please submit documentation to TRPA. On receipt of documentation staff will determine if a BMP Certificate of Completion can be reissued with a new date.

Common BMP Maintenance

Soil Stabilization
Bare Soil Protection
Bare Soil Protection (video)
Parking Barriers
Parking, Dumpsters, Hazmat (video)
Snow Storage
Snow Storage (video)
Capture and Conveyance
Slotted Channel Drain
Subsurface Drain
Rock-lined and Vegetated Swales
Drain Inlet
Driveway Conveyances (video)
Trash Rack
Sediment Trap
Baffled Vault
Pervious Pavement
Sweeping and Pervious Pavement (video)
Infiltration Trench
Infiltration Systems (video)
Infiltration Basin
Open Systems (video)
Subsurface Infiltration System
Subsurface Infiltration (video)
For BMPs not listed here, visit Ch. 4 of the BMP Handbook
BMP Maintenance Log
BMP Maintenance Log Template (Interactive)
BMP Maintenance Log Template (Static)
BMP Maintenance Log Example
BMP Maintenance and Monitoring Resources
Small Residential Checklist
Projects over 1 acre
Projects over 5 acres
For more resources see Ch 6 of the BMP Handbook

If you have maintenance documentation to submit e.g. photographs, invoices, maintenance logs, or other documentation, please email