TRPA BMP Handbook

The BMP Handbook assists in the implementation of federal Clean Water Act (CWA) mandates by providing technical and planning guidance to landowners, private businesses, agencies, and jurisdictions for water quality improvement projects.


Complete BMP Handbook (58 mb)

BMP Handbook Individual Chapters

Chapter 1 Urban Hydrology
Chapter 2 Site Analysis
Chapter 3 BMP Planning and Selection
Chapter 4 BMP Toolkit

Chapter 5 Soil and Vegetation Management
Revegetation Plan Template
Revegetation Plan Example
Fertilizer Management Plan Template
Fertilizer Management Plan Example
Description of Revegetation Site Types
Site Type Recommended Species List
Site Type Recommended Seed Mixes
TRPA Approved Plant Species Attributes Table
Chapter 6 Inspection, Maintenance, and Monitoring

Small Residential Inspection, Maintenance, & Monitoring Checklist
Inspection Maintenance Log Template
Example Inspection Maintenance Log
Monitoring Plan Template
Monitoring Report Template
Sample Monitoring Report
Chapter 7 Permitting
Chapter 8 Shorezone BMPs and Protective Structures
List of Acronymns

Other Technical Resources

Stormwater Quality Improvement Committee (SWQIC) Documents
Soils USDA
Plants USDA
Sediment Source Control Handbook
BMP Rapid Assessment Methodology
Lake Tahoe Crediting Handbook
Pollutant Load Reduction Model

Load Reduction Planning Tool
Load Reduction Planning Tool
LRPT User Manual
LRPT Training Spreadsheet (Pre)
LRPT Training Spreadsheet (Post)