What are BMPs

What are BMP Certificates and how do I get one?

To protect Lake Tahoe for future generations, all developed parcels must meet TRPA’s Best Management Practices (BMPs) requirements. Properties in compliance receive a BMP Certificate of Completion, which remains active as long as BMPs are maintained and functioning properly. For more information on TRPA’s Stormwater Management Program, read one of our brochures


Search the BMP Database to determine a property’s current BMP status and print a copy of the BMP Certificate.


BMP Retrofit Process

If your property does not have a BMP Certificate, there are three easy steps to bring a property into compliance:


Step 1: BMP Evaluation

A BMP Evaluation is an assessment of a property to determine what BMPs are required to come into compliance with TRPA’s Best Management Practices requirements. Start the BMP Retrofit process by choosing an option below:


Single Family Residences

After 12 years of providing free BMP Site evaluations the Tahoe RCD and Nevada TCD no longer have funding to provide these services. Go to Option 1 or 2 below.


     Option 1:
Hire a contractor to design your BMPs and submit your evaluation electronically to TRPA.


     Option 2:
Design your own BMPs and submit your evaluation electronically to TRPA. TRPA has numerous resources to guide you through this process.


Multi-Family Residences or Commercial

Contact a professional engineer to submit a BMP Retrofit Permit Application.
See BMP Installation Service Providers List for engineers who have attended the BMP Contractors Workshop.


BMP Retrofit Permit
Most residential properties can install BMPs without a permit from TRPA. However, if paving, grading of more than 7 cubic yards of soil, and/or engineered stamped plans are needed to complete the project, a TRPA BMP Retrofit permit is required. The majority of commercial and multi-family properties require a   BMP Retrofit Application to install BMPs.  
Step 2: BMP Implementation

Once your property has a BMP evaluation or a BMP Retrofit Permit, install the BMPs yourself or hire a qualified contractor to do the work.


BMP Installation Guidance and Resources

Step 3: BMP Final Inspection

Once BMPs prescribed in the BMP evaluation or BMP Retrofit Permit are installed contact TRPA or appropriate agency for a final inspection. When the property passes a final inspection, TRPA will issue a BMP Certificate. Properties with certificates remain compliant as long as BMPs are maintained and functioning.